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This webpage is dedicated to displaying Sixty Formula's Nintendo 64 collection. This is the ultimate source for information on all N64 products, accessories, and games. Here, you'll find photographs as well as HD videos on every Nintendo 64 product released in North America. We hope you enjoy the collection and find any information you may be looking for. Thanks for visiting!

The Shelving Units

The Shelving Units

My Nintendo 64 collection sits on 2, seven-foot cabinets and 2, three-foot cabinets, all with an oak finish. I've added custom glass doors to each of the shelves using bore-less hinges. Added lighting on the first and last shelving units to brighten the controller and sealed-game display. Handles for the doors are simply gorilla-glued to the glass.

The Games

The Games

My collection includes complete in box games, sealed games, and cart-only games. From the most common gems, to the rarest grails for the Nintendo 64.

The Controllers/Accessories

The Controllers/Accessories

You'll also find every North-American released Nintendo 64 controller on this site, along with their retail packaging. I'm a box fiend, so any accessory or game that I own, i'm sure to have it's box.

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You can check out all of my collection videos on my youtube page. You'll also see many videos throughout the site, highlighting important pieces and sets. Please enjoy the short video to the right that highlights a few pieces from my N64 collection. If you're interested in seeing more, you can check out the rest of my videos by clicking my name in

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So you're probably wondering, how many

games? How many accessories?

How much did it cost? I'll eventually set

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questions but as for now, please bare with as I can only answer a few. Thanks!


While I am going for every released Nintendo 64 product in North America (including retail packaging), I collect for other consoles like the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Gamecube to name a few. Occacionally you might see other game consoles on this site or see references to non-nintendo branded game-ware, don't be alarmed! I promise to always keep this site very focused on Nintendo 64 material. So don't sweat it ladies & dudes!


Below and to the right are some of my complete sets. Photographs and video will be showcased to the right while information on the items in the showcase is provided below. Enjoy!


Complete Collections For The Nintendo 64:


      Nintendo Power Controllers (3/3)

       Nintendo Power 100 ('97-'98)

        Millennium 2000 (2000)

        Donkey Kong 64 (2000)


      Funtastic Blister Controllers (7/7)

       Grape (Clear Dark Purple/2000)

        Ice (Clear Blue/2000)

        Watermelon (Clear Red/2000)

        Fire (Clear Orange/2000)

        Gold (2000)

        Jungle (Clear Green/2000)

        Smoke (Clear Black/2000)


      Cardboard Box Controllers (8/8)

       Green ('96)

       Yellow ('96)

        Red ('96)

        Black ('96)

        Grey ('96)


        Extreme Green ('98)

        Atomic Purple ('98)


      Blister Sealed Accessories (5/5)

       Rumble Pak (2000)

        Transfer Pak (2000)

        Expansion Pak (2000)

        RF Switch/RF Modulator (2000)

        Controller Pak (2000)



Nintendo Power 100

Nintendo Power 100

Released in 1997, This limited edition gold controller was available to those who owned the 100th issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. Mail order was required, and the controller arrived in a shipping box. A NP100 emblem is mounted at the top.

Millennium 2000

Millennium 2000

Released in 2000, this beauty was acquirable to only a few select contestants. Only 1000 winners were issued this controller, through Nintendo Power Magazine subscriptions. It is the only N64 controller with different colored buttons.

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64

Released In 2000, this controller was offered to those who purchased the 'Banana Pack' offer in a Nintendo Power Magazine. The Banana Pack included issues of Nintendo Power Magazine, DK64 strategy guide, and this DK64 controller.

Complete Sets:

One of my favorite Nintendo 64 products to collect for, blister sealed funtastic controllers. Released toward the end of the N64's timeline, these are very difficult to find in sealed condition. There are only about 6 known collectors world-wide to have all 7 controllers in sealed condition.

A Special Thanks:

Thank you,

to everyone who supports my hobby and

has supported me while this collection has

grown. A special thank you to my fans, viewers, and supporters. If you have any questions, please feel

free to email me at sixty_formula@yahoo.com.

I read every email and will do my best to contact you

in return. Peace!

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